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“My Body Felt Lighter, My Heart at Peace...”

I remember my first time experiencing Emotion Code with my spiritual mentor.

She handed me a chart and began to swing a pendulum asking questions to the Divine and my subconscious mind to see if an emotion was trapped in my body. She asked what emotion it was, at what age it got trapped in my body, where it came from, who it was inherited, absorbed from etc. 

I remember looking at her amazement. 

I remember as she got closer to the emotional root of my anxiety while driving, that my eyes began to water and my whole body was sobbing in relief. She rolled a magnet down my back 3 times. I felt like it was only a minute later when my body felt lighter, my heart at peace, and I felt as though I released years of this anxiety. It was like the pattern in my brain was interrupted. I left that session, got in my car and drove down the street for the first time in years without even a glimmer of anxiety in my body. 

I went home and immediately emailed her asking her to tell me more about this amazing modality and how could I learn it for myself.

She recommended ordering the Emotion Code book to read and so I did! As soon as I finished the book, I began practicing the release of my own emotions via kinesiology, aka muscle testing. My favorite at first was the simple sway test.

Try it out:

Stand with your eyes closed

Hands by your side

Take a deep breath in

Say the statement “my name is —-(fill in with your real name)

Notice what way your sway goes, this is a yes sway

Say the state “ my name is —-(fill in with a fake name )

Notice what way you sway goes, this is a no sway

You can then ask any questions to your subconscious and get an answer of yes or no! 

Pretty cool! Huh!

Once I learned this-I wanted to learn more and more… 

It was the most profound experience and I began to want to release all the emotions in my body, which left me each time with a sense of relief mixed with a sense of empowerment.

This book has many different ways to muscle test but I remember then running to my closet upstairs and started to sway my regular, old necklace to see if a pendulum worked for me to get yes or no answers! Weeee, it worked, I remember FaceTiming my mom and sisters in amazement and they thought I was complete crazy person but I didn’t care hahaha! 

That moment I began to feel empowered to heal my body on a deep emotional level!

Immediately I knew I need to learn more about this and this is when I signed up to be an Emotion Code Practitioner.

I learned that Emotion Code could help in so many ways:

  1. Emotional release and healing

  2. Physical pain relief

  3. Improved relationships

  4. Increased self awareness

  5. Stress reduction 

And so many other ways to help you live a healthier, happier and stress free life!

I started to realize that I didn’t even need to have a physical magnet, but I could visualize a magnet pulling and releasing the trapped emotion. WHATT!

Energy healing is truly amazing. I know that’s just my opinion and I could tell you all day how amazing it is, but I really want to invite you to try it out for yourself and form your own opinion :-) 

Emotion code was just the very start of me learning spiritual modalities, and truly made my mind blown!  

If you have ever been curious, or feel inspired to try it out. 

Now is the time, I’m offering Introductory Emotion Code Sessions!

Emotion Code sessions are $44 for 1 hour session.

Sessions are done over Voxer in real time. You don’t have to be present for session since voxer will allow you to listen whenever you want.

However, you are welcome to ask any questions you may have during your session only. :-)

The emotion code work can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes so the extra time in the hour will be allotted for questions, and any feedback you may need or have.

The sessions can take place between the hours of 9am-2pm. 

Can’t wait to share this modality with you and see how your life unfolds from


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