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"Did you support your basic needs today?" -she asked.

As an empathic person, a mother, a wife, and a human, we can get so wrapped into our daily lives, our children and so many other things that we simply forget about ourselves. I know because I did.

Can you believe, at one point in time I didn’t even know what my basic needs were or how to meet them.

Yup, that’s right.

I remember the day.

I was having high anxiety, and it felt like my body was having reoccurring panic attacks for what felt like days. During that time, I was thankful that I knew I needed support and I did have someone I could call.

During the call, I remember one question that she asked that began shifting my energy out of anxiety into to inquiry.

The question she asked me was really very simple, but if you have ever been in anxiety and panic, my mind began to take hold and the question could barely enter my space.

“Did you support your basic needs today?”- she asked.

My response: “umm what do you mean by basic needs?”

She explained more, “do one simple thing today to support your body. Do something to love on your body. Make your favorite cup of tea. Make a nourishing meal for you, not anyone else. Take a shower or nap. She said “do something very intentional for yourself and I’ll check in with you later to see what to did.”

So out of desperation, that’s all I needed to get to work.

Plus I knew she was going to check back, so the pressure and force was there and I was so desperate to get out of this anxiety that I knew I needed to do something for myself…

But… hold on..

"What are my basic needs?" I asked myself.

That’s when I started sitting with it... all I knew at the time was "food water shelter?”

But seriously… there’s got to be more.

What does every human need to just live every day?


Here’s what I got:

My Basic Needs:

  • Food

  • Water

  • True Rest

  • True Play

  • Love

  • Breathe

Really very simple, I know. But at the time, learning my basic needs and learning to fulfill them was a challenge that changed my life.

This was a time in my journey, I began devoting to myself, my self-care, and my self-love. This time was focused on all my basic needs and how to meet them.

I started making ME a priority, and slowly I began having less anxiety and panic and more unconditional love for myself..

We are all human, and there will most likely be times of stress, anxiety, panic that we all will experience.

For me, my basic needs were the first thing to go in times of stress.

That’s why I have created a FREE My Basic Needs, Bloom to Love Yourself PDF. I needed something tangible that I could actually witness myself fulfilling my needs. It shifted my energy from saying I needed to do it to bringing awareness that I did it.

As I work to get it on my website in downloadable version, Please send me a message if you would like a copy at or leave me a comment below and I'd love to send it out to you.

I encourage you to just start with one simple basic need. Focus on one only, and slowly add more. If you need someone to check in and witness you in just meeting your basic needs, I am your girl.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. Where you are in your journey, is very personal to you. But, we all need are basic needs met.

My hope is that this helps bring awareness to your basic needs, not just in times of stress, but because you are very important!

Bonus, It’s also a way to help your children learn their basic needs, as human as well.

Sending so much love and support to you as you take one micro step in the direction of self love, self care, and nourishing your nervous system. <3

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