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"I Literally Saved My Own Life..."

Updated: May 9

I am out of the spiritual closet.

I once was at war with my mind every day. I am thankful that I literally saved my own life from panic attacks, daily anxiety, depression, low self esteem, chronic constipation, lack of appetite and many more things.

You see, At one point, I was drinking to black out the tmj pain and anxiety, couldn’t drive myself anywhere, didn’t want to leave the house and at one point begged my husband to stay home from work so that I could feel safe, becoming very co- dependent on him to feel safe in my body and mind.

My mind was literally eating me up and spitting me out, fueling with me doubt and confusion and it wasn’t until I felt that feeling of relaxation in my body, that rest and digest, that breathe of fresh air that I began searching for more of that and less of what I thought was serving me.

So I dove into the deep end and dedicated the past 4+ diving into the thick of it, the shadows, the darkest places, the crevices that I didn’t even knew existed and I healed them. I did it.

Life isn’t always perfect and it’s not meant to be, but I have learned how to move away from most stress and into more joy and contentment. Isn’t that what life should be about? Joy and contentment.

Yes I still ride the waves of chaos and stress, because after all we are human, and I can’t avoid at all. But I do so with a nervous system that can stands tall through it; instead of collapsing like mine did time and time again.

My body can breathe, it feels safe and grounded in the stillness and the unknown. My heart feels ready to dive into serving the world in whatever way the divine leads me to.

I studied the heck out of many Spiritual tools and have been growing my connection with the Divine, Spirit, God.

It’s time to be free from the spiritual learning closet (I guess I’ll never quite get out of that closet because I love it so much) , but I have opened the door and I want to share the tools that I feel are literally saved my life and changed it for ever.

I am not writing this post for sympathy or recognition or a round of applause. I am writing this vulnerable post from the depths of my heart to let you know that you have the ability to win the war of the mind too over and over again. Yes it’s a practice and a commitment. You can do it. You might not even know how much the mind plays a role in everything you do, say, think and feel. But I am here to help inspire a new way.

So I want to ask you.. do you know what it feels like in your body to have your mind rest and your body to feel joy and contentment?

I'm here you want to chat. Sending light and love.

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