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It's me,
Caitlyn Marie!


  • Pausing can give you answers

  •  Walking through darkness brings light and beauty

  •  Patience is key

  •  Asking the right questions can unfold the magic

  •  In having gratitude in every moment

  •  Always doing things in the vibration of love

  •  The roots need to be healed

  •  In moving your body

  •  Speaking up when you are uncomfortable

  •  Everyone’s story is different

  •  Every story has lessons that hold opportunities

  •  Letting things happen organically

My Story:

For as long as I can remember I felt I was “different”. Probably because my family often referred to me as “ found under a rock.” To this day, I still have an attitude of never going along with the same family views/rules. I have no idea why I had and have a fierce feeling of wanting to do my own things on my own terms, but I do find myself thankful for always being able to continue to be me along the way.


I would say I lived a normal, happy, and healthy childhood, filled with lots of outdoor play and trust from my parents. I grew up on a quiet, dead-end street where everyone knew everyone, and my best friend resided 3 doors down. Being a child from a family of 6, I enjoyed the large family gatherings as well as my alone time equally. My school life went well and my love life had its ups and downs, but one thing remained the same I wanted to be me and do my own things on my own terms.

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At a wedding on 10/10/10, I met my husband Michael, the love of my life, my biggest and number one supporter. I can easily say meeting him was fate & destined to happen. He swept me literally off my feet, and we have been inseparable ever since. We dated and married, and he blessed me with two incredible boys, Colton in 2014, and Kasen, 17 months later, in 2015.

The moment I became pregnant with my first, I was determined to do things differently than my family. Why? I have no idea really. I just always felt this inner fire to do things differently, against the grain. I wanted an all-natural birth with no epidural and no interventions. I wanted to wait out labor so I could bring my boy into this world as safely as I felt possible for us.

Boy, I literally was not prepared for how that went. Being in labor for what felt like an eternity, pushing for 4 hours, to result in a c-section was the most emotional and traumatic experience of my life. Leaving the hospital destined for home with my family of 3,  the birthing experience  was shoved away. I was determined to keep this boy as safe as possible, especially now that I could control all the things in and around him. I breastfed him, pumped, made all homemade organic baby food, and used all natural soaps and detergents, only to realize down the road that my obsession with his health and wellbeing was more than just being a mom, it was being an overly anxious, obsessed mom. 

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In 2015, we brought our second son into this world, and I had a successful VBAC delivery. The birth was empowering, but equally traumatic with the cord wrapped around his neck, the vacuum assist, and the C-section threat every, what felt like 5 minutes. Still, the success outweighed the trauma, and we left the hospital to go home with 2 under 2. This is when Kasen began to shake up our household for the better.

Being a mother of 2 under 2 is not easy. Being a mom in general, is not easy. But, I was determined to make it look easy, even with my hair falling out, sleep a mess, and anxiety pouring out of my veins. 

In 2020, while the world crumbled, things began to change in my own personal life. I met the biggest mentor of my life, Christina, on a whim, out of desperation to heal my son’s chronic constipation.  I was still looking for answers to why my kids weren’t perfect, every ounce of their being. I was desperate to heal them both, all their flaws. You see, I had this inner desire to fix and heal others, but this desire was so strong I was neglecting to look at my own self in the mirror. I know this happens as a mom. Kids usually begin to come first, and you, by default, as a mom, come last.

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But, as I continued to support Kasen, the path became clearer. I started to look at myself differently and viewed things in a new light. This time it wasn’t to be different, it was because I wanted to learn to wake up with a grateful heart and to teach my kids to do the same. I started to eliminate the need for things to be perfect and started to embrace the progression I was seeing in myself and my kids. I watched my anxiety begin to drift away as I learned tools to regulate my nervous system. I then noticed subtle changes in my kids. I watched a calmness wash over my soul, and trust in my ability as a mom. I find it crazy and cool how connected everyone’s energy is, especially within the household. Little things, began to change, then big changes followed and here I am today. Maybe the same on the outside to some, but inside, so many shifts have been made, and continue to be made daily. Peace is within, and instead of believing my kid was giving me a hard time, I believed they were having a hard time and this is where the magic is.

You see, I used to think being “found under a rock” gave me power, but now I realize it gave me a lot to be thankful for. I know that that rock was a sparkly amethyst, helping me to unleash all this love I must give out to this beautiful world.  I’ve watched the magic unfold in my family, and I want to help YOU unfold the magic in yours! I have many tools to share with moms to break the cycle, connect back to themselves, and find the peace and confidence within. With the tools, Moms can share them with their kids to help them also become happy and content within their own selves too. I meet moms where they are at in their journey and support them however much and however long they need. It all starts with you momma, and I promise the ripple effect in the household will be beautiful and all worth it.

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Reiki - Emotion Code - Intuitive Guidance - Chakra Auditing &  Balancing - Crystals - Essential Oils - Oracle Card Readings - Early Reflex Integration - Human Design - Meditation - Inner Child Healing - Muscle Testing - Pendulum Work - Nervous System Regulation - Healy/Bio frequency Medicine - Self-Care Rituals - Journaling

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