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Hello Sunshine, I'm Caitlyn!

Meet Amelia
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So happy you are here!

Reiki Master Teacher & Energy Shifter

Momma of 2 and deeply passionate about helping other moms and their families.

My mission is to inspire others to think outside the box by creating a safe space, which allows a new way of being to open up in the body, mind, and spirit. The awareness paired with the energy shift allows more fun, flow, and ease to be present in everyday life.

Yay! I am here to help you with all that. Finding fun, flow, and ease starts with taking the time for YOU!

I can help you find and take moments of pause in your day to day to reconnect back to yourself.

Allowing the person you truly are at a deep down level to emerge into everything you see, say, do, taste and feel.

I can help you to be able to speak authentically from your deepest truth, understand what it feels like to be in your own aura, and learn to connect and understand more deeply with others. I am here to hold a space for you to release heavy feelings like: guilt, shame, disappointment, frustration etc. and leave feeling lighter and more peaceful.

I also love helping others to create boundaries in their life by building upon the most genuine, authentic, and true connections. I can help you navigate relationships and open the door to a new awareness which can attract limitless possibilities.

I believe by building that trust, connection, and love for yourself, it then allows your children, spouse, family, friends, and even strangers to open up, and build their own trust, connection and love for themselves. 

Take this moment right now to pause, take a deep breath in, and feel that peace that could unfold from understanding yourself and still loving yourself unconditionally. That peace you feel, is the exact peace I want you to tap into and it’s truly why I am passionate about helping others in this lifetime.

Remember: Life is not happening to you. Rather, it is happening for YOU, which means I believe you are here for a reason, and I’m here to help you in any way I can. Feel free to look around, see what speaks to you, draws you in, or sparks your curiosity, and click on it to explore. Enjoy!

Why Naturopathy

I Love Generational Healing!

Here's WHY...

It can help

Shift Familial Patterns

by breaking up repeating patterns and behaviors within the family that are causing tension and division.

Cultivate Independence

by helping each member of the family find meaning and purpose in being themselves and using their unique voice and gifts.

Increase Confidence

by building trust in self and decision-making abilities.

Mental Reprogramming

by helping you view life's challenges in a new light, and to see the lesson and opportunity for growth. It also shows you the positives and possibilities in all the situations you experience.

Create Actionable steps

by helping you build a roadmap of steps to take to move forward towards more joy and peace in your life.

Decrease Stress

by teaching you how to regulate your own nervous system, so that you are less reactionary and more thoughtful and responsive which makes a safer environment for you and other family members.

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Current Offers

I've created offers based around my favorite modalities. Take a deep breath and click on the one below that sparks your curiosity to in order to get more details or feel free to explore them all!

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“Caitlyn’s eagerness to heal and be the best version of herself has always inspired me. During The time I have known her , she has helped me realize the limitless power I have had inside me all along. Just a short time ago I felt overwhelmed , defeated and stuck but Caitlyn’s awareness, along with her encouraging words continue to gentle guide me along my journey.”

— Danielle

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